; CEC Tools & Resources – Collet Measuring Table and Guide

Collet Series Length (OD)Diameter Onsrud Series
ER 11 18mm 11.5mm 34-60
ER 16 27.5mm 17mm 34-70
ER 20 31.5mm 21mm 34-90
ER 25 34mm 26mm 34-150
ER 32 40mm 33mm 34-200
ER 40 46mm 41mm 34-250
ER 50 60mm 52mm Enquire
SYOZ 20 34mm 20mm 34-550
SYOZ 25 52mm 26mm 34-550
Shoda Collets
Shoda 20mm 52mm 20mm (backside) 34-650
Shoda Piggyback 52mm 16mm (backside) 34-650
Super Shoda 40mm 23.5mm (OD) 34-650
Shoda 24mm 52mm 24mm (backside) 34-650
SS-18 30mm 19.5mm Enquire
Heian Collets
HN-24MM 55mm 24mm (backside) Enquire
HN-29MM 55mm 24mm (backside) Enquire
HN-PIGGYBACK 36.5mm 22mm Enquire
Heian Collets
A421-69 43.62mm 28mm Enquire
A450 41.33mm 36mm Enquire

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