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60-100MC Series - Machining Plywood

Using the LMT Onsrud 60-152MC tool to machine plywood. The marathon compression tool is designed to offer a high quality finish on wood and wood composite materials. The advanced cutting geometry and unique Onsrud coating helps protect the tool from high temperatures allowing for longer tool life. The video shows the tool machining the panels needed to create a ply-lining kit to be fitted into a service vehicle. For more information contact us at sales@cuttingedgecarbide.co.uk.

Wood and Wood Composite

60-100MC Series - Machining Plywood

Chamfer and Profile in 18mm Thick MFC

Coated Downcut in Laminate Wood

Aluminium and Aluminium Composite

CUTA2 Series Machining A2 Mineral Core

XGDA Series machining 1050 Aluminium

Fold & Profile in ACM


68-300 Series & PCD Saphir Machining Acrylic

52-700 Series Machining Thick HDPE

LMT Onsrud - 63-700 Series machining Extruded Acrylic

37-60 Series Countersink in Polyethlyene

Carbon Fibre / Composite

86-150 Series & 66-900 (HPCR) Machining Carbon Fibre

LMT Onsrud - 67-211 Finishing Pass in Phenolic

HPCR in Phenolic Lettering

Solid Surface

52-200B Series & 52-700 Series Machining Solid Surface

LMT Onsrud - 65-000 Series


LMT Onsrud - 52-700 in High Density U 150

LMT Onsrud - 65-000 Series in High Density Foam


66-400 for Paper, Cardboard & Aluminium Faced Honeycomb

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