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Meticulously designed to meet the demands of professionals, our composite HPL router bits are crafted with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology. Ensuring unparalleled performance and exceptional results every time, our selection of high-quality drill bits for composite HPL is unmatched.

Our types of drill bits for composite HPL include downcut, PCD, and upcut.

Transform your experience with our premium router bits. Browse our selection now and discover the perfect tools for your next project.

About CEC 

Our CNC router bits are available for a wide range of materials, as we also supply router bits for cutting plastic, foam, composite, aluminium, honeycomb, solid surfaces, and durable router bits for construction. We also provide a large selection of router accessories

We work closely with companies who are getting onto their feet in the CNC router industry and offer a dedicated education section to help engage and expand customers' knowledge moving forward. This includes an array of CNC tools and resources, including a collet measuring guide, carbide tooling tips, conversion chart, and chipload data

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