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Our selection of aluminium router bits is designed to make precise functional and decorative cuts and has been tailored specifically for aluminium materials such as soft aluminium, standard aluminium, and aluminium composite

Meticulously crafted to elevate your aluminium cutting experience, this selection of router bits for aluminium materials excels in delivering clean cuts and smooth finishes so that your projects can stand out with professional craftsmanship. 

At Cutting Edge Carbide, we understand the importance of precision when working with aluminium. Our router bits for aluminium are engineered with high-quality carbide to withstand the demands of different aluminium types, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.


About CEC

Our CNC router bits are available for a wide range of materials, as we also supply router bits for cutting plastic, foam, composite, wood, honeycomb, solid surfaces, and durable router bits for construction. We also provide a large selection of router accessories

We closely collaborate with companies entering the CNC router industry, providing a dedicated education section to actively involve and enhance customers' knowledge. This encompasses an array of CNC tools and resources, including a collet measuring guide, carbide tooling tips, conversion chart, and chipload data


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