Steel & Cast Iron Drills

The “X-Speed” product range is specifically aligned to offer an extensive selection of tap hole diameters for drilling depths of 3xD, 5xD and 8xD. Please see catalogues below for details.

 - X-Speed 3xD Catalogue
 - X-Speed 5xD Catalogue
 - X-Speed 8xD Catalogue
 - X-Speed Cutting Data
 - X-Speed Price List

Stainless Steel & Titanium Drills

 X-Speed Inox 3xD Catalogue 
- X-Speed Inox 5xD Catalogue 
- X-Speed Inox Cutting Data 
- X-Speed Inox Price List 

Please see below PDF showing example applications for the X-Speed and X-Speed Inox Drills.

- Application Examples 

Step Drills and Special Drills

Please find below our Step and Special Drills form.

We offer a very competitve pricing structure and a maximum of 2 week delivery.

Please fill in the form below and send back to:


We promise a free same day quotation.

Step and Special Drill Form

LMT Fette Uni-Vap and Uni-Tap Range

As the name already reveals, the new UNI tap by LMT Fette is designed for universal use in various materials and is ideal for applications in general machining. Please see catalogues below for details

-  Universal Tapping Full Catalogue 
-  Uni Tap Catalogue 
-  Uni Vap Catalogue 
-  Uni Tap Price List 
-  Uni Vap Price List 

Tap a wide range of materials? Tap a wide range of hole sizes? Maybe a CEC Uni Vap or Uni Tap set would be more suited? Please see below the offers available on multiple tap sizes.

Uni Tap Special Offers 

Uni Vap Special Offers 

Please see below PDF showing example applications for the UNI-Tap and Uni-Vap tapping solutions.

- Application Examples